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Sunday Twins: Even more trade discussion

Bad contracts, trades, and the Astros are insanely good.

Cleveland Indians v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
  • Marc Normandin has a piece on how Pablo Sandoval’s contract compares to other bad contracts in baseball. Joe Mauer’s is listed here, but let’s be clear: The contract was good when we signed it, but has become bad. I also don’t think the contract is an albatross, preventing the Twins from signing any big free agents. In other words, LEAVE JOE MAUER ALONE!
  • The Twins likely need a starter (plus more) if they are to contend this year. Many have pointed to Sonny Gray as an option, but Jackson Bruce at Puckett’s Pond thinks he might not be worth it. He goes on to say that the market for starters to trade for isn’t very good, and the Twins may be better served by bolstering their bullpen.
  • On the topic of trades, here are four trades Brandon Warne thinks the Twins should consider. One of them is for Pat Neshek which I am 100% for.
  • The Houston Astros have played 90 games (not counting yesterday’s game), and, by my count, have beaten opponents by 5 or more runs 23 times. That’s over a quarter of the time. This isn’t a link, by the way, I just think that’s crazy. They’re almost as likely to blow out their opponent as to lose.

Song of the Digi-day:

This song may be Digi-bad but I still Digi-love-it. Next week will be a good song, I think. No promises.

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