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Series Preview: The Yankees are coming to Target Field

How bad is this series going to be for the Twins? Maybe not as bad as you think. Hopefully.

New York Yankees Photo Day
This is actually Aaron Judge’s 7th grade school photo.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

After taking one out of three games against the MLB-leading Houston Astros last weekend, the Twins are returning to Target Field to take on the New York Yankees—which is just fantastic! GREAT. Couldn’t be better!!!

Assuming you’ve been a sentient human being for at least a decade, you know that the Yankees have a history of beating up on the Twins. Why? I don’t even know (but I do have my theories). Will the Yankees continue that trend this year? I don’t want to say, but their 47-42 record tops the Twins’ 46-45 record.

That’s right. If the Twins don’t win this series (a.k.a. if they lose more than one of these games), they’ll fine themselves under .500 for the first time in awhile.

There are reasons for Twins fans to be hopeful here, though. The Yankees aren’t exactly fresh, having played a 16-inning game Saturday followed by a freakin’ doubleheader Sunday—both against the Red Sox. I’m surprised that series did not literally stop space and time. If you’ve ever watched a Yankees vs. Red Sox game, you know what I’m talking about. They go on forever. This weekend probably moved at the pace of a Jim Thome triple for the Yankees.

The Twins will also be facing the back-end of the Yankees rotation—although it’s unclear how much that helps when they’ll also be facing the back-end of the Twins rotation.

Speaking of rotations, DID YOU HEAR BARTOLO COLON WILL BE STARTING FOR THE TWINS ON TUESDAY NIGHT? It’s sure to be entertaining, because Bartolo is old and large and used to pitch for the Yankees and all—but don’t give your hopes up. Colon has given up at least five earned runs in his last four MLB starts. Hence, the whole—you know—being DFA’ed thing. He made a minor league start for the Twins’ Triple-A Rochester Red Wings last week and gave up four earned runs. The Twins are basically just desperate here, maybe hoping to catch lightening in a bottle (Colon WAS an All-Star just last year), but more realistically just hoping Colon can eat some innings.

Other than that, the Twins will be sending Adalberto Mejia to the mound Monday, and Jose Berrios to the mound Wednesday. Neither of them have ever faced the Yankees.

Bottom line: This week could go either really good, or really, really bad.


Pitching Match-ups

Game 1: Monday, 7/17, 7:10 pm CT - Adalberto Meija LHP vs. TBD

Game 2: Tuesday, 7/18, 7:10 pm CT - Bartolo Colon RHP vs. Luis Cessa RHP

Game 3: Wesneday, 7/19, 12:10 pm CT - Jose Berrios RHP vs. Jordan Montgomery LHP


  • The Twins will be without defensive-wizard Byron Buxton this series. Help me.
  • Have you heard that Yankees rookie Aaron Judge is HUGE? At 6’7”, he’s the biggest position player to ever play in MLB. He also won the Home Run Derby (STILL MAD ABOUT THAT) and is leading MLB in home runs, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, and a slew of other things. He’s basically on track to be the AL Rookie of the Year and the AL MVP. How is this even fair? I don’t get it.
  • Former Twins Aaron Hicks is on the DL, do you won’t see him this week at Target Field. Sad face.


How many games do you think the Twins will win against the Yankees this series?

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