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Twins Roster Moves: Bartolo Colon officially added, Phil Hughes to 60-day DL, Craig Breslow activated

It’s happening.

Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers
I shouldn’t be really excited about this, but I am. Screw it.
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By now you’ve probably heard at least a billion times that the Twins plan to start the recently-signed Bartolo Colon Tuesday night against the Yankees. Despite Colon struggling this year with the Braves (he had an 8.14 ERA over 63 innings before he was released), and struggling in his only Triple-A start with the Rochester Red Wings last week, the Twins are going to do this. And to do this, the Twins have to officially add Colon to the big league roster, which they did today.

This is really happening.

Some had speculated that the Twins would make space for Colon by outrighting Dillon Gee off the 40-man roster and sending down Kennys Vargas—but surprise! The Twins moved Phil Hughes to the 60-day DL instead.

If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Whoa, wait, Phil Hughes is injured?” Apparently, but you didn’t miss anything, because he was actually just put on the 10-day DL today and then immediately moved to the 60-day DL. The culprit? A return of thoracic outlet syndrome. You know, the thing he got a whole freakin’ rib removed to try and fix? That. It’s apparently still a problem.

So Gee lives to see another day in the Twins system. The 31-year-old, eight-year MLB veteran has been trying to get back to the majors—and he did with the Twins a couple times, he just didn’t actually end up pitching before being sent back down again. He hasn’t been doing bad in Triple-A, posting a 3.00 ERA over 66 innings there this year, including a 0.00 ERA over his three starts for the Red Wings (he pitched for the Rangers Triple-A team earlier this season).

Kennys Vargas, however, was still sent down to Triple-A, because the Twins also activated Craig Breslow and needed to clear a 25-man roster spot for him. The move makes sense, since Kennys has options, Joe Mauer is back to play first, and Falvine sure likes having extra pitchers on the roster.

But anyway, back to the real man of the hour: Bartolo Colon. Maybe it would have made sense to give the younger and maybe more promising Gee a shot, but let’s face it—that would have been far less entertaining.

As for how long Colon will stay with the Twins, that remains to be seen. But hopefully the Twins don’t immediately jettison Colon after tonight’s game, because his next start would be next Monday against the Dodgers, at Dodgers stadium—meaning we’d get to see Colon batting. Watching Bartolo Colon bat is the greatest joy in baseball. Don’t believe me? Then read this article, entitled, “Watching Bartolo Colon bat is the greatest joy in baseball.”

Then you can read this one about the time Bartolo Colon actually hit a home run, because Bartolo.

In any case, it’s not like the Twins have much to lose by signing and starting Colon. Though the Braves signed Bartolo to a $12.5 million contract for the season, the Twins will only have to pay Colon the final 75 days of the major league minimum wage, which come up to a measly $219,262.

I mean, who else are the Twins going to throw out? Nik Turley? Justin Haley? Dillon Gee? A large dog?


How excited are you about Bartolo Colon pitching for the Twins?

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    I haven’t stopped screaming since it was announced because I’m so excited!!!!
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  • 9%
    I haven’t stopped screaming since it was announced because I’m so terrified!!!!
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  • 27%
    I’m interested to see how he does, but I’m not screaming.
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  • 5%
    I don’t get the big deal about Colon.
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  • 27%
    Would have rather seen Dillon Gee pitch.
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