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Thursday Twins: Zack Granite is a raging Yankees fan

I don’t think he has any Jeter tattoos, but it’s possible. Plus notes on that TK statue, the trade deadline, and more.

Baltimore Orioles v Minnesota Twins
“Do you think Brett Gardner will sign my batting helmet?!”

Links for you today:

  • The Twins’ series against the Yankees this week was a little rough for rookie Zack Granite—and not because he’s only hitting .091 so far in the majors. Granite actually grew up on Staten Island as a Yankees fan, even idolizing Brett Garner (who still plays for the Yankees) and Derek Jeter (who thankfully retired).
  • Granite apparently even has a dog named Jeter—which reminds me that I saw a guy with “JETER” tattooed on his arm yesterday at the Twins vs. Yankees game. He had “ERICA” tattooed under it, which I assume was the name of his girlfriend? Do you think anyone out there has “MAUER” tattooed on their arm with “MYJAH” or whatever under it? Wouldn’t that be weird? I’m not crazy and this is actually pretty weird, right?
  • Anyway, remember how the Twins were planning to build a bronze statue of Tom Kelly outside Target Field? Well they did that and will be unveiling the statue before Friday’s game. It’s part of the 1987 World Series Championship 30th Anniversary festivities going on this weekend.
  • Paul Molitor admitted the only reason Kennys Vargas got sent down recently for the third time this year is because he has options and the Twins need more pitchers. You probably already knew that, though.
  • Michael Baumann from The Ringer wrote an interesting piece titled, “The Closer Who Doesn’t Strike Anyone Out.” Guess who it’s about!?
  • Grant Brisbee wrote about the three teams with the toughest decisions at the trade deadline, and the Twins are one of them.
  • Twins Daily ran a Twitter poll asking what the Twins should do at the deadline with some surprising results.