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MLB Trade Rumors: Twins close to acquiring Jaime Garcia from Braves

The Twins weren’t expected to do much before the trade deadline, but this is interesting.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Atlanta Braves Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Though it didn’t initially seem like the Twins were that gung-ho about completing a trade before the August 1st MLB trade deadline, things may have taken a turn. According to a recent report from free agent sportswriter Ken Rosenthal (who FOX Sports decided to fire in favor of videos, which is dumb), the Twins are attempting to acquire starting LHP Jaime Garcia from the Braves.

This story is, like, really rapidly developing. Stay tuned.

UPDATE (6:39 pm CT):

It appears this is a done deal, but we don’t have the names yet.

UPDATE (6:48 pm CT):

Sounds like this may be a multi-player deal!