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Twins DFA reliever Craig Breslow

It’s not like anyone didn’t see this coming.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins
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After Sunday’s marathon four hour and nineteen minute game—the longest nine-inning game in Twins history—the team announced that they have DFA’d veteran reliever Craig Breslow. Breslow had appeared in the said marathon game, pitching 0.2 innings, and somewhat surprisingly, not giving up a run.

It’s surprising because Breslow has been struggling this year. He has a 5.23 ERA over 31.0 innings pitched. That’s not too great—hence the DFA.

This is the second time the Twins have DFA’d the lefty nerd, known as “The Smartest Man in Baseball” just because he has some degree in quantum biology or something like that from Yale. The Twins also DFA’d him his first time around with the team in 2008 and he was claimed by the Athletics.

Breslow had worked with his fellow nerds and their fancy technology to try and revive his career this off-season, and it apparently worked well enough for the Twins to give him another chance.

The DFAing of Breslow most likely has to do with the fact Justin Case Haley—the Twins’ Rule 5 Draft Pick—is nearing the end of his rehab assignment and will need a spot back on the 25-man roster (since those are the rules of the Rule 5 draft). It likely also has to do with the fact Breslow has a 5.34 ERA.

If this is the end of Breslow’s baseball career, don’t feel too bad. He already won a World Series ring with the Red Sox in 2013, and he can always go and become a scientist or whatever.

Dan Carlson

But, in all honestly, good luck to you, Craig, in all your future endeavors—unless you’re facing the Twins again.