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Series Preview: Bartolo Colon will bat for the Twins against the Dodgers

Colon might make the final plate appearance of his career, and Vin Scully isn’t even going to be there to call it. We truly live in the stupidest timeline.

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

After dropping two of three games to the Tigers at Target Field, the Twins are headed to Los Angeles to face the Los Angeles Dodgers—aka, the Los Angeles team with a concise name that makes sense. Unfortunately for the Twins, though, the Los Angeles Dodgers are also really, really good. Like, 68-31, we-are-even-better-than-the-Astros-and-have-the-best-record-in-ALL-of-baseball good.


There is still some good news for the Twins, though: they’ll miss living GOAT-er Clayton Kershaw, who pitched Sunday (but was even pulled early then). Instead, the Twins will face Hyun-Jin Ryu, Kenta Maeda, and Alex Wood.

Also good news: Bartolo Colon is going to start for the Twins Monday—as in, tonight. Since this is an inter-league game at a National League stadium, it means we get to see Bartolo Colon bat. This is a big deal. In case you’ve been living under a rock for a couple years, Bartolo Colon swinging the bat is glorious—and sometimes, it even works.

It could also likely be the last time ever Bartolo gets to swing the bat in his career, as even he understands himself that he is nearing the end.

Overall, though, given the Dodgers success this year (read: best record in baseball), this series doesn’t look good for the Twins. Maybe we can just try to have some fun, though.

I mean—Bartolo Colon, batting.

Pitching Match-ups

Game 1: Monday, 7/24, 9:10 pm CT — Bartolon Colon RHP vs. Hyun-Jin Ryu LHP

Game 2: Tuesday, 7/25, 9:10 pm CT — Jose Berrios RHP vs. Kenta Maeda RHP

Game 3: Wednesday, 7/26, 9:10 pm CT — Ervin Santana RHP vs. Alex Wood LHP


  • Byron Buxton is said to be coming back from the DL Tuesday night, sans a rehab stint. Zack Granite will likely be sent down at that time.
  • I am so angry the Twins didn’t make this trip to LA a year earlier, so I could listen to my FAVORITE PERSON EVER—Vin Scully—call the game. I literally often cry over the fact I can no longer listen to Vin Scully calling games. I need help, I know. This isn’t just me trying to be cool or a meme. I miss him so much.


How many games against the Dodgers will the Twins win this week?

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