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Dodgers 6, Twins 4: Late Bellinger HR topples Colon & Co.

Rosario’s big night not enough for Twins

Minnesota Twins v Los Angeles Dodgers
You scored in my heart Robbie Grossman
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Eddie Rosario had a big night for the Twins with 2 RBI doubles and a HR but a late 3 run Home Run by the Dodgers Cody Bellinger cost the lead and the game as the Dodgers take game one of the series 6-4.

Bartolo Colon had an fairly excellent night on the mound against the best team in baseball. He made quick work of the Dodgers allowing only 3 hits with no walks through the first 4 ininngs.

The Twins meanwhile got on the board first in the 4th on an RBI Double by Eddie Rosario and another RBI Double a couple batters later by Jason Castro scoring Rosario to make it a 2-0 ballgame. Robbie Grossman also appeared to score on the play but was ruled out after a long review challenge by the Twins. According to the broadcast team the Twins challenged that the Catcher blocked the basepath and not the actual ruling on the field.

In the 5th Colon was not quite as Big & Sexy as his first 4 innings giving up back to back Home Runs to Yasmani Grandal and Joc Pederson tying the game at 2. A Yasiel Puig triple would lead to another run on a Chris Taylor single with the Dodgers taking the lead 3-2.

Eddie Rosario would answer back again in the 6th with a solo shot to left, his 11th on the year to tie things up again at 3. The Twins missed a good scoring opportunity later in the inning with the bases loaded and no outs but failed to bring any more runs home.

In the 7th after a scary Miguel Sano hit-by-pitch Rosario came up big again with another RBI double to left scoring Sano to give the Twins the lead again at 4-3.

Buddy Boshers and Matt Belisle on in relief of Colon would pitch solid 6th and 7th innings keeping the Twins on top going into the 8th when the normally reliable Taylor Rogers gave up a 3 run shot to Cody Bellinger putting the Dodgers out front for good with a final score of 6-3.

Note: Kyle Gibson was optioned to Rochester following the game so it looks like Mr. Colon might have earned his stay on the team at least for the time being.

STUDS: Eddie Rosario, Jason Castro (2-4) , Bartolo Colon (1 sexy sac bunt)

DUDS: Brian Dozier (0-5), Taylor Rogers, Replay Umps

Roll Call:

Rec Race:

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 Win-MIN-Twins AVENGE 1965
7 Brandon Brooks The title of the critically-panned, divorce-focused Home Improvement series finale
4 gintzer Avenge the Minneapolis Lakers moving to Los Angeles.
4 Brandon Brooks Wait, that's not possible.
4 Joel Hernandez Must resist ....smut
4 SooFoo Fan Also, rec'd for that wonderful cover image thing (Idk?)
4 montanatwinsfan I rec'd it for the caption.
3 NJG319 The Twins: Why They Are the Worst Team in the MLB
3 gintzer Maybe the fat man will lead us to the playoffs. I guess anything is possible.
3 less cowbell, more 'neau Colon's gravitational pull will bend light and give the illusion of an arced trajectory.
3 SooFoo Fan man that I love
3 Brandon Brooks Stand beside him
3 Can't Read Good Belisle should probably talk to Bartolo about his turnaround.
3 gonzobob Excel
3 montanatwinsfan god bless Joe Mauer
3 Name-Game Worse than the episode they found Brad's weed
2 gintzer How about being both lucky and good?
2 gintzer I meant to say that 2nd place is just the first place loser!
2 montanatwinsfan LOL
2 Brandon Brooks He's really turned it around lately
2 less cowbell, more 'neau In a Big Country dreams stay with you
2 SooFoo Fan Yeah, and your safe space
2 SooFoo Fan Define "winning"
2 Can't Read Good The Bears.
2 gintzer Off the noggin like Jose Canseco would have been funny.
2 gintzer Epcot Center, Magic Mountain, Valleyfair
2 Can't Read Good BAR TO LO
2 Can't Read Good Rogers: "Hey Matt, here's a new bottle of supplements. I was all out the other day, and found this half used bottle in the back of your locker."
2 Brandon Brooks Word
2 Can't Read Good It was an unexpected honor. I'm not worthy.
2 Win-MIN-Twins Aren't Colon pics the goal of colonoscopies?
2 SooFoo Fan And guide him
2 Can't Read Good Jaime Garcia traded to the Cubs tomorrow.
2 Joel Hernandez Powerpoint presentation are the worse :confused:
2 Joel Hernandez And it's a group presentation