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We don’t know if the Twins are buyers or sellers, so let’s talk about Anthony Recker’s butt

This backstop’s back doesn’t stop.

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The local and national baseball press seem pretty convinced that the Twins are on the verge of calling it a nice run and selling assets. Of course, if the Twins sweep this weekend and some combo of Cleveland/KC/Tampa cool off, that might change the metrics. Or, Jaime Garcia will make zero starts for Minnesota in the funniest trade ever.

But, as of Friday morning, nothing is happening. So, let’s talk about Anthony Recker’s butt.

The catcher, acquired in the Jaime Garcia trade, was sent to Double-A Thursday. However, with John Paul Murphy getting shipped away, it’s fair to think Recker will be in the Twins plans for at least the near future. And for area fans of notable rumps, this is the best news all season.

Twinkie Town was alerted to the matter Recker’s posterior by Deadspin’s Emma Baccellieri, who noted the following:

This apparently has been a meme in the world of Baseball Internet, a dark and scary place from which few can escape. There are, like, chat rooms about Craig Calcaterra’s glasses.

Anyway, since there was a meme, that means it has its own Twitter account. Yes, Anthony Recker’s Butt (@reckerbutt) exists, and is, like most parody accounts, very infrequently updated.

So, is the butt good? I am willing to hear all sides of this argument.

There’s a not unreasonable chance that the rest of this Twins season is going to be about trading away players you really like and playing the spoiler after an unexpected run at mere competence. It won’t be any fun at all, even if it’s the right thing to do in the long run. My advice: Embrace any enjoyment you can find. The journeyman catcher the Twins got as a throwaway in a trade for a pitcher WHO MIGHT NOT MAKE A START FOR THEM has a Twitter account dedicated to his ass. It’s a start.

(The YouTube clip below is called “AnthonyRecker Meaty Butt and Stretching”, confirming that the world of backup catchers is so much more erotic than I ever knew.)