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Monday Morning Minnesota: All-Stars, ball feel, and gettin’ mad at voices.

This one has some heft to it. Grab a sandwich and read!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Happy July 3rd! Not quite American Independence Day, but it is the 250th anniversary of the discovery of Pitcairn Island which would later be settled by the mutinous crew of the HMS bounty and some Tahitian women they lured away. The tiny community still exists today and one third of the men are sex offenders. So that’s what happens when you mutiny, I guess.

  • First I’ve got for you a couple bits of news that might get their own full posts later, maybe even before this goes up! Miguel Sano and Ervin Santana have been selected for this year’s all-star game in Miami! Though Sano barely missed winning the popular vote, he’s still the lineup. This is probably my fault personally because I’m always too lazy to vote for these things.
  • As expected, the Twins opened up this year’s international signing period by getting their filthy hands on Dominican SS Jelfrey Marte. He was ranked #3 on’s international prospect list. Not bad at all!
  • Mike Berardino takes a look at Jose Berrios’s success after floundering dramatically in the majors last year. The reason: Berrios has got used to the feeling of balls. Major league balls, that is. They are, for some reason no one has ever thoroughly explained to me, not the same as the minor league ones. That feels silly.
  • Finally, Newsday wonders about why everyone seems to hate sports announcers all the time (ANDREW) and the impact social media has had on it. Personally I love the ol’ Dick n’ Bert as I grew up with them and find them entertaining. I get my actual educational baseball blathering done by reading stuff on the internet, so I don’t really mind if they aren’t on the forefront of statistical progression.

Buh-bye now. I’m going to go enjoy the second half of my four day weekend!