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MLB Trade Rumors: Twins Deadline Day

This is mostly about future ex-Twin Brandon Kintzler

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Welcome to a special edition of MonMorMin all about the Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline. There isn’t actually a lot of rumors swirling around about the Twins, who are now in the much more boring classification of “seller.” So anything done today will mostly be losing players you know for minor leaguers you do not. And that just isn’t sexy even if it is good baseball sense.

  • Mikey Mike and the Funky Bunch reports that the more colorful of the sock based teams are showing at least a little interest in Brandon Kintzler. Kintzler appears to be the most likely to be moved this year, as he continues to be good pretty much purely to spite Louie Opatz, I assume.
  • Thad Levine said on MLB network radio that they are “probably” getting the most calls on Kintzler. Kintzler has that “proven closer” cred that is still somewhat overrated by GMs so he might net a decent return. He also suggests that the Twins wish to retain him, so it is possible they might end up holding on to him for a better chance at resigning him this offseason. Or that was lip service. Or whatever.
  • MLB Trade Rumors updates their deadline candidate power rankings for the last time. Guess who the top Twin is? Still, this is a good list to go through to see which Twins have a chance of being moved.
  • But what the Twins don’t make any moves, Tawny? What if they start winning again and the deadline has passed? I don’t know why you are asking me this, I’m just quite literally the least important Twins based blogger in the world. BUT, this fangraphs piece shows us that the deadline is of less importance than it once was. More and more trades, and even some major ones, are happening on the waiver wire post July! So your Joe Mauer for Mike Trout 1v1 swap could happen in the coming month even if it doesn’t happen today!
  • That won’t actually happen btw.
  • Brandon Kintzler.

So who would you like to see the Twins move today? Hit me with your armchair GM plans.

Today’s soundtrack is my favorite song from the original Spyro the Dragon on the Playstation Uno. Composed by Stewart Copeland, the drummer from The Police, who is apparently really talented. Why? Iunno.