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Tuesday Twins: Tyler Duffey scored free undies in the lost and found

He apparently sees nothing wrong with this.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Happy 4th of July! Here are some links to enjoy:

  • Did you know that there is a “lost and found” locker for loose clothing items found in both the major league and minor league team locker rooms? Tyler Duffey apparently once took and wore a pair of underwear out of it, which is, um...
  • He’s pretty sure they were Josmil Pinto’s.
  • Paul Molitor and Hector Santiago got in a little spat over that whole pulling-Santiago-after-only-58-pitches thing on Sunday, but I don’t think said spat reached bashing-in-the-manager’s-door-with-a-baseball-bat levels of Kyle Lohse nasty. In fact, I think they’re already over it, because Molitor called him a “good teammate.”
  • “I’m definitely not going dumpster diving for somebody’s underwear,” Chris Gimenez told reporters.
  • Remember our old, wacky friend Oswaldo Arcia? It turns out his little brother--Brewers rookie Orlando Arcia—is a bit wacky too. Recently he ate a fan’s ice cream during a game, and somehow did not get TOOTBLANed during this play (watch that one—it’s amazing).
  • “It’s a never-ending pile of clean laundry,” Tyler Duffey explained about his fondness for the lost and found.
  • Actor Josh Duhamel was at the Twins game yesterday with comedian Nick Swardson and Viking Kyle Rudolph, which led to this delightful exchange:
  • Miguel Sano will be participating in this year’s Home Run Derby, and now we know *officially* who his other opponents will be: Yankees Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez; Marlins Giancarlo Stanto and Justin Bour; Dodger Cody Bellinger; Rockie Charlie Blackmon; and Royal Mike Moustakas. You can watch video of each participant’s furthest home run of the year here.
  • When asked if he would take underwear from the lost and found, Miguel Sano told reporters: “I would never use underwear from somebody.” God bless you, Miguel Sano.