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Twins 5, Angels 4: Smallest of Balls

Buxton leads the Twins with defense, base-running and a little bit of pop.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Minnesota Twins
“Ssshh, I’m just pretending to be hurt so I can steal a base.”
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

On this independence day clash, the Twins proved definitively that Minnesota is better at America-ing than Los Angeles. They did so with stellar defense, a flurry of stolen bases, a great day by Byron Buxton and maybe most importantly, Kyle Gibson not giving up all of the runs immediately.

That last one is usually key.

Although the Angels got off the a quick lead in the 2nd when Luis Valbuena doubled in a run. Somewhere someone probably said “more like Luis ValBUENO” and many laughs were had.

The Twins did the best thing they could in that situation and responded with a run of their own in the bottom of the very same inning. Eduardo Escobar led off by getting hit by a ball, falling down in pain, staying in the game anyway and then stealing second base because why not. Chris Giminez would move him to third with a single and Ehire Adrianza, fresh from the DL, brought him home with a sac fly. Hit batsman are functionally walks, and so they too will haunt.

The Twins 5th would start similarly, when Buxton singled and then promptly stole second. Robbie Grossman would then double him in and soon thereafter score himself when Joe Mauer smacked a single. 3-1 Twins.

Top 6th: Uh oh, Kyle Gibson is still a thing. Uh oh, Kole Calhoun solo dinger. 3-2 Twins.

Bot 6th: After Eddie Rosario doubled, the ol’ Giminez/Adrianza duo would perform a new take on their greatest hit. Giminez bunted Rosario to 3rd and Adrianza again sac-flied in a run. Then Byron Buxton came to the plate and decided more runs should happen. Met with the conundrum of no one on base to bring in, he just simply hit a homerun. It’ll have to do.

Albert Pujols would do Albert Pujols things in the 8th for his 603rd career HR, but it was only solo so the Twins were still in fine shape.

In the 9th, Brandon Kintzler made things interesting as Twins closers are traditionally fans of doing. With runners on first and second with no outs, Adrianza threw a double play ball off the bat of Ben Revere past first base, allowing one run to score and getting just one out on the play. With tension high, the next batter just hit into a double play anyway. It was the polite thing to do.

Byron Buxton: 3 for 4 w/dong and the typical stellar defense.
Ehire Adrianza: Double sacs.

There can be no duds this day, for the ballclub of Minnesota has brought victory to her people.


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Enjoy the rest of your 4th! Enjoy your 5th too, just to be on the safe side. You can go back to being miserable after that though.