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Angels 2, Twins 1: Scioscia’s Evil Genius, Weak Twins Bats Ruin Santana’s CG

Some guy named Parker Bridwell stymied the Twins through six innings.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Minnesota Twins
This play ruined your night.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Yes, it was another rookie pitcher silencing Twins bats. Cromwell/Longwell/Bagwell/Gladwell sound-alike Parker Bridwell had a career-high five strikeouts, and kept Minnesota from threatening much of anything. They didn’t score until Bridwell left the game, on a 7th-inning Byron Buxton single + steal and Brian Dozier RBI knock.

Your strangest inning was definitely the sixth. With one out, Cameron Maybin walked and Kole Calhoun singled him to third. Max Kepler made a terrific catch on an Albert Pujols liner, and Maybin was advancing too far off third to tag up and score. Had he gone back for the tag before Kepler’s dive, he’d have scored easily.

But then the Twins got Scioscia’d. The oldest-tenured manager or head coach in American pro sports called for a double steal. Jason Castro was unable to throw Calhoun out, and Maybin scored standing up.

Ervin Santana was terrific, limiting the Angels to a first-inning Calhoun solo dong and that double-steal run. He even managed to squeak out of another first-and-third, one-out situation in the eighth by inducing a Calhoun infield fly and Albert Pujols grounder. Santana made it through all nine innings — even after Molitor approached the mound with two down in the ninth, Santana talked him out of it. He got the final groundout on his 117th pitch. He’s not starting again until after the All-Star break, anyhoo, so the pitch count is fine.

Comment of the game: MNWildcat with this explanation of a failed attempt to stop swearing. Also’s box score, including this stat: “Ejections: Los Angeles Angels third baseman Yunel Escobar ejected by HP umpire Doug Eddings (6th)”. I love that they track umpire ejections in parentheses!

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