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Brandon Kintzler named to All-Star Game

Looks like the Twins closer will be heading to Miami after all.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
Way to go, Brandon Kintzler.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

When the All-Star Game rosters were announced, some thought Twins closer Brandon Kintzler was a snub. However, all has been rectified, as MLB announced four replacement players for the AL All-Star team today with Kintzler is among them.

Kintzler will be joining Miguel Sano and Ervin Santana as the Twins’ 2017 All-Star Game representatives. It’s the first time the Twins have sent three representatives to the game since 2009, when Joe Mauer, Justin Jason Morneau, and Joe Nathan all made the team.

It may seem surprising since Brandon Kintzler isn’t exactly a super star. I mean, I’m surprised. But Kintzler has actually been pretty solid this year. He earned his 23rd save of the season last night, tying him for most in the American League. His 2.35 ERA over 38.1 innings pitched isn’t too bad either.

Louie Opatz wrote about Kintzler being an unprecedented (and probably not very good) closer back in May, but who’s laughing now? Brandon Kintzler is laughing now, that’s who. The one-time St. Paul Saint is now an MLB All-Star.

In your face, Louie!