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The Mets are furious Bartolo Colon signed with the Twins

This is hilarious.

Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
lol, Mets.
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As you all know, the Twins signed veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon to a minor league contract on Friday. It was (and is) a big deal because it’s Bartolo Colon, who is old and fat and somehow still being paid for his athleticism. Like, a lot. The Braves signed him to a one year deal last fall worth $12.5 million. Colon proceeded to put up a 8.14 ERA over 63.0 innings before the Braves released him, which, LOL Braves.

Before his expensive little stint with the Braves, Colon spent three years with the Mets. And the Mets are a mess. I mean generally, but also acutely this year.

Apparently the Mets were hoping (and expecting) that Colon would return to them after being released by the Braves. Even though Colon has not been doing well this year, he had became somewhat of a cult hero to Mets (and baseball) fans during his time there, and the Mets probably thought re-signing him would put some butts back into the seats at Citi Field. It’s more than plausible. I mean, we are talking about the team that signed Tim Tebow and even admitted they did it just for the attention.

Anyway, to the point: The Mets are apparently pissed that Bartolo Colon signed with the Twins instead.

From the NY Post article, entitled “Mets ‘stunned’ at Bartolo Colon rejection”:

ST. LOUIS — Mets officials were “stunned” Friday by Bartolo Colon’s decision to sign a minor league deal with the Twins, shunning an opportunity for a return to Flushing.

A club source indicated there was a sense of disbelief within the Mets’ front office that the 44-year-old Colon — who became a cult hero of sorts in his three-year tenure with the club — had passed on the reunion.

I’m just picturing this in my mind and howling with laughter.

The Mets are mad a 44-year-old pitcher—with a 8.14 ERA over 63.0 innings pitched this year—didn’t sign with them.

A few hours later, the NY Post published another article, this one entitled, “Why Mets think Bartolo Colon spurned them”, explaining:

Club sources indicated Saturday the 44-year-old righty likely chose the Twins, with whom he signed a day earlier, over the Mets because there were no assurances Colon would stay in manager Terry Collins’ rotation for the remainder of the season.


Colon signed a minor league deal with the Twins. Sure, he’ll most likely be called up at some point, though, since the Twins have been going through pitchers like it’s their job. I mean, it kind of IS their job, so... er ignore this paragraph.

Colon signed a minor league deal with the Twins, and not the Mets, because the Mets are 39-45, eleven games behind first place, and flailing about like Bartolo Colon at a catered Fourth of July barbecue. The Twins are 45-42 and just two games back from first place. They also appear to have a competent front office that is very willing to give veteran and minor league arms a decent shot at starting in the majors.

So no, Mets, the fact Colon wouldn’t have remained in the rotation all year isn’t why he passed on you. He’s not guaranteed to stay in the Twins rotation either. In fact, the fluidity of the Twins rotation is probably one of the very reason he signed with the team.

Also, the Twin Cities are pretty close to Wisconsin, which has great cheese. Colon looks like a guy who would enjoy nice cheese.

Bottom line: LOL, Mets.