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All players who have played for both the Twins and Brewers, ranked

That’s right. I ranked all fifty-five of these players like they are pieces of meat. Come fight me.

1991 MLB All-Star Game: Batting Practice
I hope you enjoyed all the beer and cheese in Wisconsin, Paul.
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Twins and the Brewers are doing their two-games at home, two-games away series this week, which is a yearly thing except for the years the Twins face the NL Central teams in inter-league. In celebration of this event (or events?), I took a look at every MLB player who has played for both the Twins and the Brewers—there are fifty-five in all—and I ranked them. I ranked them all like pieces of god damn meat or like I was a Deadspin writer or something.

What criteria did I rank these players by? How good they were, maybe giving more weight to how much time these players spent with the two teams. I mean, these are my rankings. I can do whatever I want.

So without further ado, here are the best Minnesota Twins who were also Milwaukee Brewers, ranked 55 through 1:

55. Chad Moeller

54. Ron Clark

53. Danny Walton

52. Marcus Jensen

51. Greg Hansell

50. Neil Ramirez

49. Matt Kinney

48. Paul Ratliff

47. Alex Presley

46. Andy Kosco

45. Juan Centeno

44. Blaine Boyer

43. Sandy Valdespino

42. Henry Blanco

41. Logan Schafer

40. Tom Edens

39. Bill Krueger

38. Tommy Milone

37. Mike Lamb

36. Anthony Swarzak

35. Dave Engle

34. Josmil Pinto

33. Alex Ochoa

32. Paul Hartzell

31. Mike Fetters

30. Todd Ritchie

29. Neal Cotts

28. Neal Heaton

27. Phil Roof

26. Darrin Jackson

25. Bobby Darwin

24. Steve Brye

23. Ken Brett

22. Rich Becker

21. Damian Miller

20. Brandon Kintzler

19. Grant Balfour

18. John Briggs

17. Ken Sanders

16. Jesse Orosco

15. Livan Hernandez

14. Rich Rollins

13. Brian Harper

12. Steve Brye

11. Rick Dempsey

10. Matt Garza

9. Tom Brunansky

8. Larry Hisle

7. Jeff Cirillo

6. J.J. Hardy

5. Carlos Gomez

4. LaTroy Hawkins

3. Kyle Lohse

2. Corey Koskie

1. Paul Molitor

What do you think of these rankings? Do you agree? Do you want to come fight me over them? It’s okay if you do. I’m not scared. I kayak.

Or, if you want, you could just leave a comment.