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Byron Buxton was a bunt away from the cycle

This is the most hilarious almost-a-cycle attempt I’ve ever seen.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Minnesota Twins Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night, Twins center fielder Byron Buxton found himself in a precarious position. He was one hit away from the cycle, but unlike most batters in that position, the one hit he needed was a single.

Most of the time when a player is one hit from the cycle, the one hit they are missing is a triple. Triples are hard! But this is Byron Buxton. Byron Buxton runs fast. Really, really fast. He hit a stand-up triple in his first at bat. Who even DOES that? In his second at bat, Buxton hit an inside-the-park home run—literally the fastest ever inside-the-park home run in Statcast history.

The at bat after that? Buxton hit a double.

Byron Buxton, literally, was a bunt from the cycle.

If you just stop and think about that for a second it gets even more hysterical.

Buxton did, of course, get another at-bat—but he didn’t bunt. Sir Byron did not stoop to those levels. Instead, Byron approached it like a normal at bat, and hit a line-out on a 1-1 pitch. So, on one hand, it’s disappointing that Byron did not hit for the cycle, but on the other hand, the fact Byron Buxton missed the cycle because he couldn’t hit a single is the funniest thing on earth to me right now.