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A list of people who were at Target Field this weekend

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It was Twins Hall of Fame Weekend, and everyone plus Eric Milton was at Target Field.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This weekend was Twins Hall of Fame weekend at Target Field, and a butt-load of current and former Twins were in tow. The breadth of players there was amazing. There were even names you might not even expect.

I compiled the following list (of people in attendance):

  • Michael Cuddyer
  • Andy MacPhail
  • Tom Kelly
  • Ron Gardenhire
  • Tony Oliva
  • Rod Carew
  • The family of the man who donated his heart to Rod Carew
  • Brad Radke (and holy hell does he look great)
  • Torii Hunter
  • Terry Ryan
  • Bert Blyleven
  • Jim Perry
  • Paul Molitor
  • Miguel Sano
  • Glen Perkins
  • Eric Milton (WHY?)
  • Joe Mauer
  • Justin Morneau
  • Gov. Mark Dayton
  • Corey Koskie
  • Kyle Gibson
  • Chris Herrmann
  • Mitch Garver
  • Eddie Guardado
  • Rick Aguilera
  • Bartolo Colon

In all honestly, all of this is just a lead up to the real question:

Where the hell was Kent Hrbek?