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Monday Morning Minnesota: Injured Sano, Houston, and one million billion players

All the news and links your body can handle

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays
Possibly maybe an okay Baseball player.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Monday Morning Minnesota. If you noticed that there wasn’t one of these last week: Thanks for paying attention! But also sorry! I fell asleep playing Zelda on my Gameboy Color. Or Colour. Or whatever. The point is I am a garbage human. Today’s soundtrack is the GB version of the Robocop theme, which I think I posted before. Don’t care though because I’ll never get over how ridiculously great the arrangement is considering the limitations of the original Gameboy’s sound card.

Oh right baseball!

  • If you haven’t heard already, Miguel Sano’s stay on the DL has a good chance of being extended. That’s what we professional adults call “poopy news.”
  • Luckily Byron Buxton is playing such amazing Baseball that non-Minnesota based media are writing positive articles about a Twins player!
  • Several Twins players have family or friends in the Houston area, and share their thoughts as the city faces immense residual flooding. Because you will all obviously listen to me, I encourage those of you who can spare some cash to check out SBnation’s post on the subject and find a way to help out. It is like Robocop always says “I help people not because I am a Robot Cop, but because I am a member of the global community.”
  • I’ve never actually seen Robocop.
  • After breaking the team record, the Twins only need 14 more dudes to appear in a game to break the MLB record for most dudes appearing in a season. September callups here we come!
  • In bad news of the Baseball variety, Craig Edwards at fangraphs thinks Baseball’s great age of parity might just be coming to an end. It seems the relationship between cash money and wins is rising at an alarming rate, so expect the next 47 World Series titles to go to the Dodgers.