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Tuesday Twins: Bartolo Colon is going to eat a Pronto Pup (maybe)

Bartolo Colon is going to appear at the Minnesota State Fair. I repeat, Bartolo Colon is going to appear at the Minnesota State Fair.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins
Mmmmmm.... cheese curds....
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, the links:

  • The Associated Press is still astonished that Bartolo Colon has pitched as well as he has since coming to the Twins.
  • SPEAKING OF BARTOLO, he is making an appearance at the State Fair on Friday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm and I am ungodly excited to see a video of him eating State Fair food. He could be, like, the new Pronto Pup spokesman if he wanted to.
  • In more realer news, red-hot Byron Buxton was named American League Player of the Week.
  • Beyond the Box Score also did a recent post on most improved outfield defenses, and it only mentions Byron Buxton under the Cincinnati Reds portion of the post? /starts making armpit fart noises repeatedly
  • Noted Ft. Myers baseball reporter David Dorsey recently did a great piece on noted Minnesota Twins prospect Brent Rooker. It even includes a video! I hear those are all the rage these days.
  • Speaking of youngsters making huge jumps, John Curtiss recently talked about how much participating in the Arizona Fall League last year helped him. “Last year the fall league was probably the biggest thing that happened to me,” Curtiss said. “I think that jump from high-A to fall league, except for the jump from the minors here, was the biggest jump I made.”