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Game CXXXIII: Twins vs White Sox

The Twins (69-63) try to continue their roll against stumbling Pale Hose (52-79).

"I didn't do it. I tells ya! Get your dirty mitts offa me, copper! I wanna call a lawyer, see!?"
"I didn't do it. I tells ya! Get your dirty mitts offa me, copper! I wanna call a lawyer, see!?"
Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

First Pitch: 12:10 PM CT
Radio: GO 96.3, TIBN
Know Your Enemy: South Side Sox
Weather: Sunny, 67°F

Where: Food On A Stick Field

The Twins have won their last three games in a row and occupy the second Wild Card spot. The good news is the Yankees, who have the first Wild Card spot have lost their last three and the Twins now sit one game behind them. The bad news is the Bronx Bummers have lost those games to the Indians, who now sit atop the AL Central with a seven game lead.

Hurling balls for the Twins will be Bartolo Colon (RHP, 6-10, 6.35 ERA). "Big Sexy" has a 3.21 ERA so far this August. In his last start, he pitched 6 2/3 innings giving up only one run while giving up nine hits while managing to not strike out even one batter. He's got a 5.64 FIP since joining the Twins, which might be a concern since there are rumors Byron Buxton now has a claw for a hand.

Tossing cowhide covered spheres for the Tube Socks will be Miguel Gonzalez (RHP, 7-10, 4.30 ERA). "El Jaliscience" (which I think means "Guy from Jalisco, Mexico") has a 2.94 ERA in his last eight starts. We haven't seen M-Gon since April, he won that one.

From The Minneapolis Journal, July 16, 1906:

Hungry noisy frogs Blog intern/Twinkle Town

Reading, PA., July 14th.--On the farm of Alvin Shoemaker, near Seipstown, there is a pond where big frogs fairly swarm. Harry Wieder, who hunted for them there yesterday, bagged sixt[y]-seven, not one of which weighed less than a pound.

For years the Shoemaker farm has been known as a frog resort, and Mr. Shoemaker always welcomes hunters with open arms, as he declares the frogs have become a pest. He does not favor the Squibb law for protecting frogs, as they have become a pest on his farm.

He wants the frogs killed off, as their croaking scares his cattle as he drives them to water.

Last year the frogs raided his strawberry patch and devoured his entire crop. The year before they got into his summer house and ate a half-dozen of his best flannel shirts, which lay there in the wash basket.

Song of the Day:

Cubes won't dig this, you know, "four corners?" REAL squares, man, but this cool side of wax is straight from the fridge, and all you hep cats and kittens will want to twist and Watusi to this bit of ear candy. Minne's own, The Trashmen, are probably best known for "Surfin' Bird," but here they are with some "Bad News" while you brahs and surfettes shoot the curls at the 'Tonka bone yard. Cowabunga!

Today's Lineups

Leury Garcia - LF Brian Dozier - 2B
Yolmer Sanchez - 3B Eddie Rosario - LF
Avisail Garcia - RF Sexx Dragon - DH
Matt Davidson - 1B Jorge Polanco - SS
Kevan Smith - C Max Kepler - RF
Rob Brantly - DH Eduardo Escobar - 3B
Tyler Saladino - SS Kennys Vargas - 1B
Alen Hanson - 2B Chris Gimenez - C
Adam Engel - CF Zack Granite P.I. - CF
Miguel Gonzalez - RHP The Bart, The - RHP