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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump is padded out with scenes from ‘Hot Rod’

I’ve been drinking green tea all GD day.

Premiere of Paramount Picture's 'Hot Rod' - Arrivals Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
  • Glen Perkins aced his rehab outing in Fort Myers and is headed to Double-A Chattanooga. Area Band-Back-Together enthusiast Dave Wessel (sp?) asked Glen if he would say “hi” to Lookouts manager Doug Mientkiewicz. Perkins did the next best thing.
  • When Dillon Gee relieved Adalberto Mejia on Thursday night, he was the 30th pitcher Minnesota used this season. That is a team record. That’s probably not a good record! Expanded rosters are four weeks away! A mild defense: The Boy Wonders aren’t continuing to run the same bad arms out there over and over, and churning the waiver wire is preferable. (h/t Phil Miller)
  • The July 31st trade deadline has passed. But there can still be trades. Oh, yes, trades. Trades aplenty. Trades that will knock your socks off. Grant Brisbee explains revocable waivers and the August 31st trade deadline for you here.
  • Rain delays make baseball players get weird. And relief pitchers start the day at weird, so the Cubs and Diamondbacks bullpens really took it to the next level. Are rain delays actually good? Maybe. (Notable exceptions: 1. You brought your young kids to the game and are trying to entertain them. 2. You have to watch the same A BASEBALL LIFE: SCOTT STAHOVIAK documentary on Fox Sports North from the last rain delay.)