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Game 109: Rangers at Twins

The Twins (52-56) need to find a way to get hot and go on a streak, let's hope they start today.

Ok there was no way I wasn't using this.
Ok there was no way I wasn't using this.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 1:10 PM CDT

Radio: TIBN, GO 96.3
Know thine enemy: Lone Star Ball

I won't be around in the thread during the game most likely, but I will be there in spirit (through the radio). Look up at the sun and know I'll also be looking at that same sun. Don't look at it too long, as you'll seriously hurt your eyes. Sorry, I'm a bit loopy because I just got back from a wedding dance with loud music and screaming children. On to the pertinent baseball game info!

Who are the starters?

Jose "The Machine" Berrios (9-5, 3.57 ERA) for the Twins and Nick "On the other team" Martinez (3-4, 5.07) for the Rangers.

Ok, but what about other stats that I care about?

Berrios Martinez
IP 90.2 76.1
K/9 8.1 4.5
BB/9 2.7 2.5
FIP 3.82 5.95

What are the lineups?

I don't know yet! I may be able to update this later but I'm sure some helpful commenter will post them!

Enjoy the game!