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Monday Morning Minnesota: Fire everyone, rehab everyone

Glen Perkins rises from the dead, and every scout is fired.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
What a pretty face
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Hey welcome to thing, I’m person. This is music, then there will be links.

  • The Twins fired Jack Goins, the longtime staff member and (recently) current Director of Baseball Research. Then on Saturday they fired four area scouts including Ted Williams who probably wasn’t the best scout because he’s dead (or maybe just another guy with the same name, we can’t know for sure!) In any case, it seems Falvine finally are bringing in more of their own hires.
  • On flipside of firings, the Twins hired a roving nutritionist who I guess will wander around the minors telling kids to eat their vegetables. Putting “roving” in front of anything makes it sound slightly cooler. I think I am now Twinkietown’s “Roving Link Dump Writer” in that I sometimes type these up from the left side of my bed, but also sometimes on the right side of my bed.
  • The Perk has been doin’ the work. Glen Perkins seems to finally be nearing a return to the majors, recently being promoted to AA. Meanwhile Trevor May and Hector Santiago continue working his way back by throwing baseballs again!

Yes, you 2 Hector, you 2. But not you Phil Hughes. Never you.

  • If you are interested in what it is like pitching indie-ball in Japan, fangraphs has been running an interview-esque series about former big-leaguer Lars Anderson playing for the Kochi Fighting Dogs (the same team future Twins SS Manny Ramirez plays for) in Japan’s Shikoku Island League. It is really my favorite baseball thing I’ve read in a long while and I think Anderson should write a book now.

Okay bye.