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Twins Players Weekend jerseys unveiled

Later this month, the Twins will be wearing some humorous jerseys to celebrate Players Weekend.

If you haven’t heard already, August 25th-27th is Players Weekend across Major League Baseball. While normally taking a page from the defunct XFL might be a cause for concern, this idea is not as the players will be allowed to wear whatever (theoretically safe-for-work) name or nickname they would like on the back of their jersey for those three days. We already guessed what their nicknames would be, but now the Twins - and all other MLB teams - have released the jerseys their players will wear for Players Weekend.

The notables:

  • Joe Mauer, Taylor Rogers, Ryan Pressly, and Robbie Grossman are all sticking with their last names.
  • Kyle Gibson (Gibby) went with his Ron Gardenhire-approved nickname. Brian Dozier (Doz, presumably pronounced “dozh”), Byron Buxton (Buck), Jason Castro (Stro), and Glen Perkins (Perk) also seem as if they received the Gardy Stamp of Approval™.
  • For those that do not speak Spanish, Jorge Polanco is “pimp” (Chulo), Adalberto Mejia is “flying” or “flying fish” (Volador), Miguel Sano is “big mouth” (Boqueton), and Eduardo Escobar is “the one of the spear/pike/lance” (El De La Pica). At least that’s what I could gather from various online translations.
  • Max Kepler’s full name is actually Max Kepler-Rozycki. From watching NHL games, I believe it’s pronounced “roe-ZHITS-kee.” Phil Hughes’ full name is Phillip Joseph Hughes, hence “Peej.” Chris Gimenez’s “G” is pretty obvious, as is Buddy Boshers going with “Buddy” (his real first name is Jeffrey).
  • You might need some basketball knowledge to understand why Ervin Santana went with “Magic.”
  • I had to do a double-take with Hector Santiago’s “Bulldoze,” as I first thought he was paying homage to Dozier.
  • If his nickname is “The Doof,” somebody should Photoshop Tyler Duffey’s face onto a Bidoof.
  • There shall be rioting in the streets if Bartolo Colon does not wear “The Big Sexy” on his jersey.

What about you? What nickname would you put on your own jersey if you could? If you’re feeling especially adventurous, go ahead and custom-make it, then post it in the comments. For me, I’d probably steal a nickname that was once given to my brother.