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Game 143: Twins at Royals

As the game number ticks closer to 162, the Twins hope to win the 4-game series in KC.

Please enjoy this hi-resolution picture of Eduardo Escobar.
Please enjoy this hi-resolution picture of Eduardo Escobar.
Brian Davidson/Getty Images

First Pitch: 1:15 PM CDT
Radio: TIBN, Go 96.3
Know thine enemy: Royals Review

Bartolo Colon (6-11, 6.06 ERA) will face off against Jason Vargas (14-10, 4.23 ERA).

Scoreboard watching

Orioles vs Indians: Should root for Cleveland in this game.

Angels vs Mariners: We want Seattle to win, obviously.

Yankees vs Rangers: Unclear who we should root for here. Texas is 2.5 GB now, and the Yankees are 2.5 games ahead of us. I think the Yankees winning helps our chances the most, though.

Most importantly, we want the Twins to win. That's all they have to do. The lineup that will be trying to do the winning is...

Brian Dozier - 2B Whit Merrifield - 2B
Joe Mauer - DH Lorenzo Cain - CF
Jorge Polanco - SS Melky Cabrera - RF
Eduardo Escobar - 3B Eric Hosmer - 1B
Byron Buxton - CF Salvador Perez - C
Eddie Rosario - RF Mike Moustakas - 3B
Kennys Vargas - 1B Brandon Moss - DH
Chris Gimenez - C Alcides Escobar - SS
Ehire Adrianza - LF Alex Gordon - LF
Bartolo Colon - RHP Jason Vargas - LHP

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