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Monday Morning Minnesota: World simultaneously agrees Twins are weird

From super worst to having an outside chance at first!

Minesotta Twins v Kansas City Royals
Big Buddy Bartolo
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Welcome to the link jam. Alright.

  • This NY Times article alerted me to the fact that no team has lost 100 games and then made the playoffs the next year, a task the Twins are currently trying to hold through on.
  • Whoa, turns out that’s an unlikely thing to happen!
  • Like just super unlikely, yo!
  • And because that’s unlikely, maybe Paul Molitor deserves manager of the year? Personally I’m a not so bullish on how much credit he deserves for the Twins unlikely miraculous turnaround.
  • Unlikely.
  • In minor news you may or may not have heard, we interrupt your regularly scheduled links for an embedded tweet.

Hoop, there it is.