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Local fan still grappling with newfound ‘optimism’ emotion

“Every day is a struggle.”

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Tony O’Leary knew something was wrong.

While watching the Twins blow multiple opportunities during Wednesday night’s game, then the lead itself, the Roseville man didn’t panic, or turn the TV off in disgust.

“I turned to my dog and said, ‘They’re making this way too hard on themselves, but they’ll probably pull something out of their ass.’

“That’s when I heard what I said. About the Minnesota Twins. I called my therapist first thing in the morning.”

O’Leary discovered he was suffering from optimism, a feeling of mild euphoria often typified by the belief that good things will happen.

“I was like, what in the fuck is that shit? Is that drugs? It sounds like drugs. But it wasn’t.”

O’Leary, 25, says he’s spent his entire life in the state of Minnesota, and is a fan of the state’s college teams and professional sports franchises.

“I have never known joy. Not ever.”

O’Leary says the Twins’ upcoming 10-game road trip is keeping him grounded, but even that is uncharted territory for him.

“Normally, I’d see the Yankees and Cleveland on deck and just be like, yep, it was a nice run, see you in Fort Myers, suckers. Now, I’m thinking about how different this New York team is from the ones that used to chokeslam us, and how Cleveland might not be playing for anything by the time we get to them, and it’s just...”

O’Leary stops, shakes his head, and continues.

“Listen to me! I’m talking complete nonsense! I should be convinced that they will go 0-10, then get contracted, and Target Field gets sold to the fuckin’ circus, the one where all the animals are sick and shit and the kids just leave all sad.

“But I’m not. I think they have a real good chance to make the playoffs. I don’t know myself anymore. Every day is a struggle.”