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Game 147: Blue Jays @ Twins

Big Sexy Night at Target Field

Girl look at that body!!
Girl look at that body!!
Daniel Carlson
First Pitch: 7:10 PM Central
Radio: Go 96.3 , TIBN
Know Thine Enemy: Bluebird Banter

The Twins (77-69) take on the Blue Jays (68-79) tonight in game 2 of a 4 game series at Target Field. They hope to continue their drive for a playoff spot after another dramatic walk-off win last night.

It is " Big Sexy " night tonight at Target Field in honor of tonight's starting pitcher and His Sexyness Bartolo Colon (6-12 6.41 ERA), with a promo giving away an awesome "Big Sexy" t-shirt free for certain ticket packages. Though you may have to hurry if you wish to receive this ultra-sexy gift as some of the most desirable sizes have already sold out, just as Myjah appropriately warned you that they would.

Colon was not very sexy in his last start though, giving up up 6 runs in just 1 2/3 innings vs the Royals. But he still has a sexy for his age 4.31 ERA over his last 8 starts.

His opponent tonight will be J.A. Happ (8-10 3.73 ERA). He has allowed 3 or fewer earned runs in his last 3 starts but has not pitched beyond the 6th inning since August 2nd.

If you have not done so, check out our Blue Jays vs Twins series preview.

You can also watch the game and all the sexyness FREE tonight on MLB's Facebook page.

Here is a video I made in tribute to Mr. Big Sexy ........enjoy

Speaking of is Winnipeg band Crash Test Dummies featuring their keyboardist/backup vocalist Ellen Reid (and personal teenage crush) doing lead vocals on this XTC cover.