This is Twins (in Enemy) Territory: September 18 at Yankees

Almost a year to the day after I visited Citi Field for the first time, I took my first trip to New Yankee Stadium to see the Twins. The game results unfortunately matched historical precedent, but I still had a fun time. Here are a few observations from my experience there.

There are no Twins fans in New York: I did see more Twins fans than when I attended the Mets game last year, but not many more. I spotted maybe nine fans in Twins regalia, so if you plan on making the journey to the Bronx as a Minnesota supporter, expect to be a huge minority.

Some clever paragraph header about BP: The Yankees usually open gates two hours before first pitch, but because of a "BP Block Party" promotion, they opened at 4 PM. The garage I parked at opened at 4:05, so I got in at 4:15 and spent a good two hours trying to compete for batting practice homers, made more difficult because Zack Hample and a few people who knew him were there. (He was at the Mets game I attended too.) I did get one ball, hit by an unknown Twins righty. My only pre-game regret was eating a large order of French fries. Those are clearly meant to be shared.

Speaking of garages: If you ever decide to go to a Yankees game, you really have to prepare in advance. As I learned the night before the game, most garages around the stadium are controlled by QuikPark and you have to reserve a spot in advance. Chrome wouldn't access their site as it was unsafe, so I tried a late-night phone call. The response: "Your call cannot be taken at this time, and you cannot leave a message. Please call back later." That is the most New York response I have ever received. (I ended up reserving a spot using SpotHero.)

We must begin insisting on rigidity and discipline: Now to the actual game - the Twins' plate discipline sucked, especially early on. Far too many strikeouts came on swinging at pitches in the dirt. Give Jaime García credit for his pitching, but I did not want to yell "stop swinging at that" so many times. And let's not go into that cursed sacrifice bunt.... (All the stolen bases stunk too.)

On second thought, let's not talk about the game: I took a brief look around the stadium before BP (not too brief, as I wanted to try and catch baseballs). Monument Park was nice, but I didn't stay there long. The concessions were, as would be expected because it is a) a stadium and b) New York, really expensive. It took me a while to find a place that sold a hot dog. Ended up having it, the regretted fries (which cost over $9), and a small soda, for just under $20. Next time I'm going to Atlanta.

Gather up your jackets and move it to the exits: As much as I know we all hate them, the Yankees had a really nice music selection played over the PA system. Several fans around me approved the playing of Semisonic's "Closing Time" at the top of the ninth. And of course "New York, New York."

Bad luck continues: I have been to a Twins road game in each of the past five years. Each has been decided by one run. The last four have been losses. (This was the win.) Eventually...