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Cleveland 4, Twins 2: You root for the White Sox now

Minnesota looked bored. Don’t mail this in, guys; the season ain’t over.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
Joe has Magick slithering powers.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Per the Harley-riding guy and smooth-voiced guy on the radio, plus that one big nerd in the studio I love best. Adalberto Mejia has made 21 starts for the Twins this year. In 15 of them, he did not finish five innings. That, despite my relative ignorance of advanced sabermetrics, is clearly not a good thing.

OTOH, Mejia is 24. When I was 24, I wasn’t exactly a wizard at figuring out the world. Nor am I now, but back then, I was pretty dang clueless.

Mejia lasted all of 3.2 innings, which is eleven outs, and that means the Twins cannot secure a possible postseason spot unless the White Sox of Chicago beat the Anaheim Los Angeles of Anaheim later tonight. Stay tuned.

Jorge Polanco hit a late homer. That was fun. Otherwise, the Twins seemed pretty bored in this one, which is dangerous because their WC spot is by no means yet confirmed.

Keep in mind that even after tomorrow’s early game against Cleveland, the Twins finish up with three against Detroit, a team that looks to have completely stopped Giving A Poop. Gamethread commenter Cbrolin shared this nugget:

Yeah, the Tigers don’t care. However, the Twins should.

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