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Mauer: 37-minute phone call with mother after celebration ‘no big deal’

“She saw there was booze and wanted to make sure I was making good choices.”

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
our rowdy good sons are having a party
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

When The Minnesota Twins nailed down the final American League playoff spot late Wednesday night, the champagne came out. That’s when Joe Mauer’s cell phone started ringing.

“Yeah, Mom called once she saw the guys getting a little crazy,” said the Twins veteran. “She saw there was booze and wanted to make sure I was making good choices.”

As Nicky Delmonico’s home run sailed into the Chicago night and eliminated the Los Angeles Angels, Twins players rushed for the goggles, beer, and champagne. Mauer did, too, but kept a fully charged cell phone in a Ziploc bag nearby.

“I let it go to voicemail in 2010 (the last time the Twins made the postseason),” said Mauer. “I don’t think I even got invited to Thanksgiving that year. It was a pretty rough deal.

“I ended up going over to (former Twins first base coach) Scott Ullger’s condo and watched all the Die Hard movies. He just talked about how he used to go out with a gal who looked like Bonnie Bedelia but with bigger...well, you know.”

Vanilla Sky Film Stills
“You’re nothing but a common thief.”
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Mauer said he was able to enjoy a “little bit of beer, not too much” before the phone rang.

“I’m not a big drinker, especially during the season, so that’s fine,” said the first baseman. “Mom knows this, too, but she was just making sure, especially with an early game on Thursday. It’s no big deal.”

Once the conversation ended, Mauer confirmed that he did receive a few texts from his mother as well, but they were regarding his brother Jake’s “toilet language” and whether or not there was a land line in the Yankee Stadium visitors locker room.