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Game 137: Twins @ Rays


George Rose/Getty Images

First Pitch: 6:10 PM CDT
Radio: TIBN, Go 96.3
Adversary: DRaysBay

Still furious about the umpiring in Sunday's game? What better way to let it all out than with your friends and neighbors in Twins Territory as the hometown nine seek to put their boot on the neck of the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

Lineups haven't been announced at this writing.


All of the games that matter should be in the books by the time the Twins take the field. The Yankees (2 games north of the Twins for WC1) take on the Orioles (1.5 games south of the Twins for WC2) at noon. The Angels (also 1.5 back of the Twins) take on the Athletics at 3:00. If you want to worry about the Royals (I wouldn't), they play the hapless Tigers earlier in the day, too. Maybe Lorenzo Cain will get five strikes per AB today.

Enjoy the game, everybody.