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Game CXL: Twins @ Royals

The Duplicate Siblings from Minnesota play a game of modified rounders against the Regals of Kansas City

Do not take Salvy seriously
Do not take Salvy seriously
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

First Pitch: 7:15 PM CT
Radio: GO 96.3, TIBN
Know Your Enemy: Royals Review
Weather: Mostly Sunny, 79°F

Where: Tom Pendergast Park

You probably remember the Royals from that time we won the middle game by like a bazillion points but lost the other two games and the series too. And like how instead of knocking them down the Wild Card chase ladder, we boosted them up a rung? That's them. Since then, they won two out three versus the skeletonized Tigers but broke a club record by giving up six home runs in a game. They now sit 2.5 GB from the Twins for the Wild Card.

How 'bout them Twins? Still hanging on to that last Wild Card by the thinnest of threads. Twins once sat atop the AL Central, now they're 11 GB from a rejuvenated Indians. Not too long ago, there was talk we could take the #1 card from the hated Yankees, now it's back to hanging on to that sapling growing on the side of a cliff for dear life like Beetle Bailey. It's too late for the front office to help, anybody new wouldn't be eligible for the post season games. I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't already swapped the teams 737 for a Korean War vintage DC-3. Still the Twins hang on.

Catapulting from the royal hill will be Sam Gaviglio (RHP, 3-5, 4.62 ERA). Sam "No nickname" was a dumpster baby the Royals got from the Mariners DFA heap. He actually faced the Twins last June and won that one by pitching 5 1/3 innings giving up four earned runs all on three homers, he walked none and struck out five that day.

Pitching for the Twins will be "Slurvin'" Ervin Santana (RHP, 14-7, 3.35 ERA) Turns out Kyle Gibson (RHP, 9-10, 5.33 ERA) will be pitching instead. "Giblets" last start was against the Royals and he threw six shut-out innings giving up five hits while fanning five.

  • Joe Mauer needs one RBI to pass his old roomie, Justin Morneau for the club record and move into fifth behind Tony O.

Today's Lineups

Brian Dozier - 2B Whit Merrifield - 2B
Sexx Dragon - 1B Loren Zocaine - CF
Jorge Polanco - SS Melky Cabrera - RF
Eddie Rosario - LF Eric Hosmer - 1B
Byron Buxton - CF Salvador Perez - C
Max Kepler - RF Mike Moustakas - DH
Eduardo Escobar - 3B Alcides Escobar - SS
Jason Castro - C Alex Gordon - LF
Robbie Grossman - DH Ramon Torres - 3B
Kyle Gibson - RHP Sam Gaviglio - RHP

Song of the Day:

Thought of Puddle of Mudd since they are from KC, but here's Kansas instead, who are from Topeka.