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Twins Hot Stove: Minnesota among five teams still competing for Yu Darvish

A ton of rumors came out today, despite nothing happening. Get caught up with the latest.

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets
I’m beggin Yu.

It’s been one hell of a slow offseason, despite the chatter that went on today. Here’s the latest:

  • According to the Star-Telegram, Yu Darvish has narrowed the teams he’s considering signing with down to five: the Astros, Yankees, Cubs, Rangers, and Twins.
  • Though, according to Yu himself, there are apparently still six teams in the running. (I’m thinking Dodgers.)
  • The Twins are not seriously pursuing any batters at the moment, according to Darren Wolfson. He says the team is squarely focused on starting pitching (as they should be).
  • Earlier today it looked like the Astros were going with a Darvish alternative when Jon Morosi reported that a trade between them and the Pirates for Gerrit Cole — who the Twins have also inquired about — was “imminent”. Morosi soon followed with a tweet confirming the trade had been completed.
  • The only problem is... a trade was not actually completed. The Astros are reportedly still interested in potentially working one out, but nothing is actually imminent — meaning the Astros are probably still also considering Darvish.
  • The Yankees, who were also once rumored to be close to acquiring Cole, have now reportedly shut down those trade talks. So they, too, are still in the running for Darvish. Dang it.
  • According to Jon Heyman, there is another non-Yankees and non-Astros MYSTERY TEAM going after Gerrit Cole as well. Could it be the Twins? Maybe.
  • The only of the five six remaining teams who do not seem seriously in contention to sign Darvish appears to be the Rangers. Though Darvish enjoyed his time with them and would like to return, the Star-Telegram finds it unlikely because the team isn’t looking to spend much this offseason.
  • Hey, remember Matt Belisle? Mike Berardino says the Twins and Belisle have mutual interest in a reunion, but no deal is close.