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FanPost Call: Rank your favorite MLB teams, first to last

Let’s find out which teams are the most beloved and most hated among Twins fans.

Peoria Javelinas v Mesa Solar Sox
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Welcome to the Twinkie Town FanPost call!

This is the thing where I ask you to make FanPosts. The difference this time around is that this is a pretty fun one, one that I will compile into a popular post itself, showing the most and least popular baseball teams among Twins fans.

Here’s the question:

What are your favorite baseball teams, ranked 1 to 30?

That’s right. I want you to rank ALL THIRTY MLB BASEBALL teams, from your favorite to your least favorite, and give a short reasoning for each one. I don’t even care what you base you reasoning on. It could be because you hated one player for one team, or it could be because you loved one player for one team. It could be because you hate the color of some team’s uniform, or their city, or a bathroom in the airport in their city. Anything. Hate or love any team for any reason, but just give some reason why. Briefly.

That’s because I want to use the best comments in our combined reaction post. I did this same FanPost call last year, resulting in this fun post. I know some community members were sad they missed out on that. All I can say is, well — don’t miss your chance to participate this year!

It’s a fun exercise anyway.

IF YOU DID PARTICIPATE IN THIS FANPOST CALL LAST YEAR: You are perfectly free to participate again! My advice would be to NOT look at how you ranked teams last year, and just try to rank them again. The differences you see afterwards might tell you something.

IF YOU DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS FANPOST CALL LAST YEAR: Please be honest with your own responses! Try not to look at our community’s previous rankings while making your own. We are much more interested in your actual feelings.


  • Start with ranking your favorite teams
  • Then rank your least favorite teams at the end
  • Fill in the teams in-between

**Any rankings that are incomplete or use ties cannot be included in our final results!!**

I will accept FanPosts for our combined recap post until at least 11:59 pm next Wednesday, January 17th 11:59 pm next Monday, January 22nd. We’re extending the period! Woo! LAST CHANCE CALL! If you can get your FanPost written by 11:59 pm TONIGHT, January 31st, you can still be included!

So are you ready to make your FanPost? Get started now!