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Monday Morning Minnesota: Closers, MVPs, and slightly more

Exactly two more, in fact.

World Baseball Classic - Pool C - Game 3 - Columbia v Canada
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Good morning (your name), we all love and value you! Please click these links specially prepared for you and not (name of person you don’t like), screw that guy/girl/animal/non-corporeal entity! Today’s soundtrack is not my normal video game fair, but a song that has been really helping me through the days lately. Maybe you’ll like it too?

  • The Twins, finally doing anything at all, signed Addison Reed for way less than many projected. Fangraphs explores how this wait ‘em out approach seems to really work. Collusion works, kids!
  • Mike Berardinosaurus rex’s report on the signing has the interesting tidbit that the Twins promised fellow free agent signee Fernando Rodney the closer role. With most agreeing that Reed is the better pitcher, Rodney likely has a very tenuous grasp of the spot at best.
  • Also from the last of the the non-avian dinosaurs is a report on the status of the Miguel Sano case, which even I am tactful enough to not make dumb jokes about.
  • The Runner Sports likes the arrival of Justin Morneau as a special assistant, and the person they think he can help the most is none other than the target of my unrequited love, Max Kepler.
  • The Korea Herald has a nice piece on Byung-ho Park, who is feeling much more comfortable back home and reveals that the shitty minor-league lifestyle helped push him to return to his home country. I still consider myself a Park fan and will be rooting for Nexen in the KBO this season.
  • Non-baseball hijinx: My second favorite animal is the sea slug. (You can probably guess the first.) They are amazing creatures and you will all now look at them. Not enough people know of their majesty and it is one of my many missions in life to change that!

Be adequate!