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Tuesday Twins: Eduardo Escobar went ice fishing

Plus, Rob Manfred wants more new rules, Trevor May is really obsessed with video games, and more.

Sign Yu Darvish already, geez.
Photo credit should read OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images

Skol! Here are the links:

  • It’s Twins Caravan Week, which means sending Eduardo Escobar and a couple others to cold towns in outstate Minnesota. Yesterday they went ice fishing.
  • MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred wants to do something about the pace of play and he’s reportedly considering doing it whether the MLBPA and owners agree or not. Personally, I’d much rather see Manfred do something about the pace of this damn offseason.
  • If you know anything about Trevor May, you know he likes video games. He streams himself playing the video games and you can watch him online. Anyway, he recently spoke on an an esports panel at some convention and said (among other things) that there should be traditional training leagues for professional video games like there are in professional sports. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • We already knew this, but Justin Morneau is officially retiring. News came out last week that Morneau was joining the Twins front office, but for some reason many outlets did not think that meant he was officially retiring because it didn’t explicitly say that he was officially retiring? But yes, Morneau is officially retiring. The press conference will be held Wednesday at 3:00 pm CT.
  • The Pirates traded Andrew McCutchen to the Giants yesterday and it’s sad.
  • Nick Nelson over at Twins Daily wrote a little retrospective on Joe Nathan and Fernando Rodney in one of the greatest Twins games ever (you know the one).