2018 Twins New Year's Resolution

This year the Twins should resolve to hire the one and only Nick Punto to the coaching staff. Why? Because you can never have too much hustle. This team could use some piranha mentality. He'd really get everybody to battle their tails off. Batting coach, bench coach, base coach... He'd bring the hustle to any coaching position. He'd really go out there and get after it. Maybe even make a new coaching position: Hustle Coach.

Setting: Minnesota Twins film room. Hustle Coach Nick Punto and Byron Buxton are breaking down some tape.

Punto: Slid into first base on that one, you should have.

Buxton: But Coach, I was safe. And doesn't sliding just slow you down?

Punto: Too much hustle. you can have not, my young Padawan. After it, you should get.