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Thursday Twins: The best shortstop depth in the league?

Also, some pitcher news, pitch clock chaos, mashin’ taters, and jobs at Target Field

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
Something about Jim Thome and a hot dog cannon just fits
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The grittiest Thursday link-dump on this site is here! Lets slide head-first into some links, even if there isn’t much out there yet. Less than 3 weeks til Spring Training, folks!

  • Jonathon Mayo and MLB Pipeline released their top ten shortstop prospects. The Twins not only had two players on the list, but also the prospect to “keep an eye on.” With shortstop being a premium position, it certainly looks good down on the farm.
  • It looks like the Twins are going to arbitration with a player for the first time in a really long time. They haven’t yet agreed to terms with Kyle Gibson, and the two sides are reportedly fighting over $330,000.
  • Also looking at the Twins rotation options, Trevor May threw off a dirt mound for the first time in his recovery.
  • Grant Brisbee thinks the pitch clock will make things chaotic and interesting for the next few seasons, and argues that it will be good, overall.
  • In celebration of his HOF election, the Strib took a look back at some classic Tater Mashin’ from Jim Thome
  • Target field is hiring food service positions for the upcoming season, if you need or want to pick up a job, it might be worth checking out.

Your soundtrack today goes western, but I dare you not to sing along! If you lived through the 90’s line-dancing craze, I know you know the words.