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Answering questions about the Twins from the internet

No news to talk about, instead I’ll be answering questions people asked Google about the Twins.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins - Game One
You have questions, I attempt to answer them.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

What does the TC stand for in Minnesota Twins?

Some would have you believe it is “Twin Cities,” these people are wrong and you should run away from them. TC actually stands for “ThunderCats,” an 80’s animated show about a group of cat-like humanoids from Thundera.

What radio station is the Twins game on today?

We regret to inform you that there is no Twins game on today. We can use our imagination, though. So, whatever radio station that is.

Who owns the Twins?

Yu Darvish.

Why do the MN Twins have a bear for a mascot?

Because they couldn’t bear to not have one.

How do identical twins occur?

Okay, I think the questions have stopped.

Can you have identical twins of different sexes?

Yep, we’re definitely done here. See you guys next week!


Okay, I found one thing: Ron Gardenhire sells the first ticket for Tigers games this season at TigerFest.