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Monday Morning Minnesota: May contain links????

Spoilers: It may.

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No reason for this other than I like old timey photos.

Hi. We interrupt your regularly scheduled video game music for this anime movie ending theme. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Also baseball.

  • Fangraph’s Sunday Notes column has a few paragraphs on Twin’s prospect Nick Gordon’s new rap album. The album is called “I Do It All” and I think I have to call bullshit on that. There are a lot of things, Nick. You probably don’t do all of them. Do you write link dumps on a blog? Don’t think so. Guess we know which of us is the real talent.
  • The Runner Sports looks at where the Twins stand amongst the handful of teams rumored to be vying for Yu Darvish’s services. He’s going to be a Cub and we all know it.
  • Will Franta, a community member of fangraphs (and a Twins fan!) wrote a thought provoking piece about why we are excited when our favorite sports team make a shrewd signing even though it only helps the owner’s pocket book and not the players we actually pay to see. It’s a pointless exercise, really, but I found it fun to think on.
  • USA Today has an in-depth look at the team position by position. Also I wanted four links.
  • Also be sure to check the comments for probably a billion more interesting links I somehow missed because I am dumb.