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Thursday Twins: All aboard the Nick Buss

The Twins signed a free agent! Plus New Year’s Eve tweets, salary caps, and more.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Your Thursday entertainment, brought to you by absolutely no one. Like I could get a sponsor, right?

  • The Twins signed a free agent! Something called a Nick Buss. He was the Triple-A Pacific Coast League batting champion last year. Even if he’s Triple-A depth, lets celebrate some movement!
  • MLB’s Cut 4 took a look at the best player NYE tweets. Eduardo Escobar and several old friends made the list.
  • Baseball players make the biggest playoff paychecks in professional sports, according to our overlords. A team like the 2017 Twins, who lost the wildcard game, would see players add an average of about $19,000 to their bank balances.
  • Speaking of player paychecks, our friends over at Pinstripe Alley wrote a nice piece about how the Yankees (and Dodgers) are influencing the future of the MLB “Salary Cap.”
  • Oh, and SI looked at what every AL team should so the rest of this painfully slow off season, and then stated the obvious about the Twins. I think everyone is a bit hard up for stuff to talk about?

Last week doing “random stuff I like” for a soundtrack seemed to be a hit, so lets do that again. Hailing from Peoria, IL (hometown of Jim Thome, and college home of Kirby Puckett,) Dan Fogelberg has one of the best “New Year’s” songs out there.