My Twins New Years Resolution

I’m mad because I wrote this and accidentally deleted this, so it probably would have been 10x better

I haven’t been super active on twinkie town recently. It was my brother who dragged me onto twinkie town in the first place. As a result, I started paying more attention to the twins. I grew up kind of being a twins fan, but didn’t know anything about the team. Then the whole 2011 thing happened, and I stopped paying attention to the twins pretty much entirely. I probably still wouldn’t have been paying any attention to the team if it weren’t for my brother dragging me here, so thanks for that.

So after all that, my resolution is to pay more attention to the team. Like I said, I had been a super casual fan. I don’t want to be a diehard fan, like my brother, but more than just a casual fan. I also want to pay more attention to the minors, and just the league in general.

I’m mad because I know this was a lot better before, but whatever. I guess I’ll just have to make up for it by putting more unnecessary words.

And like always, I have to add a stupid poll.

Also, SB nation is bad on mobile. Very bad