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Monday Morning Minnesota: Buxton, Tillman, Darvish

American League Wild Card Game - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
No longer a Buston
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Hi! I’m still a human who exists and writes here apparently. Who knew? In celebration of this surely wonderful fact here is some links accompanied by some random music. Yay! Today’s soundtrack is an excerpt from the hilariously awful soundtrack to Resident Evil Director’s Cut.

  • Rhett Bollinger was asked about how close the Twins are to landing Yu Darvish. Who the hell really knows? But according to Darren Wolfson (via Twitter) they seem to be waiting on Darvish to pick a team before looking at lesser free-agent pitchers.
  • Despite what I typed 2 seconds ago, they also have been checking in on Chris Tillman, who was horrible mega-awful last year, but normally at least modestly okay. He should be able to be nabbed on a one year deal, so why not I guess?
  • Beyond the Box Score thinks it is time for the Twins to go ALL-IN. I agree, I’ve never been one for only partial innitude. Don’t do some hokey-pokey nonsense by shaking one leg in a theoretical circle, when you want something you jump into the middle of it and flail on the ground like a champion.
  • Byron Buxton was bad at hitting balls at the major league level once. He’s better now. Big Three Sports analyses why.
  • Atlas Obscura (an absolutely wonderful website) has a fun tale of a man who wanted the autograph of Moonlight Graham, an old-timey baseball player who played in an entire one(1) games!

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