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Tuesday Twins: Nick Gordon took part in a random Home Run Derby in the Bahamas

No, the Twins haven’t signed Yu Darvish yet, but we got a few other tidbits here for you.

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game
Dingers! Dongs! Dingalings!
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Howdy! Here’s the links:

  • Top Twins prospect Nick Gordon recently made it to the final round in the inaugural “Don’t Blink Home Run Derby In Paradise”. As the name implies, the event was a home run derby held in the Bahamas meant to showcase the local elite baseball talent there. No, Gordon nor the eventual winner, Bo Bichette, are from the Bahamas, but the event was considered a success anyway.
  • The Twins actually made a signing yesterday, inking 31-year-old utility man Jordan Pacheco to a minor league contract. Hope that gets your lions burning! The Twins actually edged out two other teams who wanted to sign the guy to the same deal. Pacheco came in sixth in NL Rookie of the Year voting in 2012, if that helps drum up some excitement (I’m not holding my breath).
  • Remember former pitcher A.J. Achter? He only pitched in 18 games for the Twins so it’s okay if you didn’t. Anyway, he’s going to be the new pitching coach for the Eastern Michigan University baseball team.
  • Target Field isn’t the only place you’ll be seeing more extended netting in the upcoming season — Hammond Stadium, the Twins’ spring training home, is also extending their netting.
  • Dear god, let there be an actual free agent signing soon.
  • The NY Times recently had an article about how MLB GM’s communicate in today’s world of modern technology, noting how they make use of things like emojis and GIFs in trade talks. Twins GM Thad Levine was said to be the wittiest of all GMs, which isn’t surprising if you’ve ever heard him talk somewhere.