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Monday Morning Minnesota: Managers, MVPs and madness

Mostly madness.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
  • The last surviving Ed won the Twins MVP, which is called something I’ve already forgotten for the 500th time in my life. Meanwhile Berrios took home the Twin’s Cy Young which I think should be called “the Brad Radke” even though Johan Santana exists.
  • Current bench coach Derek Shelton “impressed” in his interview with Twins brass. The field of candidates has shrunk to 3-5 dudes, and it looks like some bigger names are out. I’m still waiting for my interview.
  • Though ostensibly about the Brewers, this fivethirtyeight piece makes an interesting point of showing the surprisingly small correlation between “winning” the off-season and actually winning. This is why the development of key players like Buxton, Sano, and Berrios are so important and why teams don’t give up on former top prospects particularly quickly. You don’t really buy contenders anymore (unless of course you are the Brewers.)
  • The Marlins sweet home-run statue is on the way out and I’m accusing Derek Jeter of crimes against humanity, and I would like it to be trial by combat.
  • This bullet was pointless.
  • Her’s an entire video of Willians Astudillo to fulfill my contractual obligations.

The soundtrack to this week, every previous week, and every future week is NBA Jam. In fact, I would like to introduce my new tech startup, JAMO. It’s like UBER except I arrive at your door with an oversized boombox playing the NBA JAM team select music on loop until you pay me to go away.