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Rocco Baldelli’s call to Joe Mauer

I really want to know what the new Twins manager and Joe actually talked about, but it’s just too easy to imagine anyway.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
“Sounds like a pretty nice deal.”
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

During his introductory press conference Thursday, new Twins manager Rocco Baldelli told reporters that he had a brief talk with Joe Mauer over the phone earlier in the day. Baldelli didn’t go into detail about the conversation, but heaped a ton of praise on Mauer and how much he is respected among everyone in baseball. He also said he would obviously welcome Joe back next year should Joe choose to play, and the front office executives next to him seemed to agree.

If you’re like me, however, you wanted to know what was actually said during this phone call with Joe. Luckily, we here at Twinkie Town obtained the transcript, and now bring you this EXCLUSIVE* report.

Below is the entire transcript of the phone call.

Joe Mauer: Hello?

Rocco Baldelli: Hi, this is Rocco Baldelli. Is this Joe Mauer?

Joe: This is he.

Rocco: Hi Joe! I just wanted to connect with you because Derek Falvey and the Twins are bringing me on board as the new manager.

Joe: Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Rocco: I’ve always respected you from across the diamond, and I just wanted to reach out because I know how much you mean to this team and organization.

Joe: Well thank you. That means a lot.

Rocco: I know you’re considering hanging it up —

Joe: Uh huh.

Rocco: ... and I don’t want to put an pressure on you. I just wanted to say you are always welcome to come back and play next year if you want.

Joe: Sure.

Rocco: So you’re playing another year?

Joe: Well, I’m not sure yet.

Rocco: Okay. Well I’ve already talked with Derek Falvey and stuff and obviously everyone would love for you to stay a part of the organization.

Joe: You bet.

Rocco: I really want to talk to and connect with everyone in the organization, and that includes you.

Joe: Yeah, that sounds pretty neat.

Rocco: Even if you don’t come back as a player, it sounds like the front office would be interested in you coaching or potentially doing some media stuff.

Joe: Yeah, that sounds like a pretty nice deal.

Rocco: So, have you actually made any sort of decision about your future?

Joe: No, you know, I’m just kind of taking it one game at a time.

Rocco: Okay.

Joe: I’m just giving it the best I got and hope everything works out.

Rocco: ...

Joe: You know, just got to go out there and battle your tail off.

Rocco: Wait, hold on, isn’t that what Gardy used to —

Joe: *Making hissing noises* Oh geez I’m breaking up here. *More hissing noises Joe is obviously making himself* Oh geez, gotta go.

Beep, beep, beep (end call).

* 100% made up, but probably at least 50% accurate.