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Playoff gamethread! Got yer playoff gamethread, right here!

In which you can discuss the games, if you’d like.

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
“Psst...I farted.” “Heh heh, I farted too.” “We both fart.” “That’s so crazy, man!”
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Houston beat Cleveland yesterday, behind Justin Verlander, whom they got for prospects and the Twins TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE GOT FOR PROSPECTS, but, let’s face it, Houston was one starter away from the championship and the Twins are, well, not. So, probably best the Twins didn’t get him for prospects. We in the writing biz call this a “f-ed up paragraph.”

It’s Hector Carrasco vs. Gerrit Cole in the 3:37 game, Masahiro Tanaka vs. David Price in the 7:15 nightcap. I’m pretty sure you all know these guys by now. Boston’s up in the series 1-0, which I guess is better than the Yankees being up 1-0, although not by much.

If y’all just need a break from discussing baseball, or the troll convinced you I’m an asshole, I won’t put any more of these things up until the World Series. I’m guessing everyone’s gonna watch the World Series, right? It’s the one playoff series you don’t need cable for, and the games are usually pretty exciting.